May 27, 2009

Staten Road Bridge reopens

On May 27, 2009, Lowndes County and the Georgia Department of Transportation reopened Staten Road between Orr and McMillan Road. KYCA was commissioned by the Lowndes County in 1997 for a Schematic Design for Staten Road bridge and subsequently completed the design for the entire project.  Due to the inter-governmental funding, the project was on and off several times for a ten year period.  During the Thanksgiving of 2006, the construction funding finally became available and time was extremely tight to let out the construction bid.  Sacrificing the holiday season, Jeffery Chiu took the charge and led our personnel to complete the modification of our original design, complying with the current hydrologic and environmental Codes and Regulations. Over 1100 of bridges and associated roadway was realigned to reflect current standards for horizontal and vertical geometry. The three bridges also cover the entire 100 year FEMA Flood Plain of approximately 3000 feet. Bridge No. 1, over the river, is a 600, 6 span bridge with a maximum span of 120, utilizing Type IV and Type II prestressed girders. Spanning over the remaining floodplain, Bridge No. 2 and No.3 are 360 and 180 respectively, utilizing Type II girders spanning 60. The remainder of the approaching roadway within the flood plain is elevated above the anticipated flood line and designed as a levee to withstand flood pressure and erosion, requiring over 20 of fill in some areas.  For more information, please contact us at or at 229-244-4002. Additional information can also be found at!d9&pId=lddglP9kZt4=&acn=zj!d9

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